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Friday, June 14, 2013

Mah Jong

I have been so busy lately, there has been no time to post here.  Even though there are a ton of new things to try here in the Villages, I may have to say no to myself on some of them.  There just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week.  

My latest learning experience is Mah Jong.  I am taking a 5 week class to learn how to play this game properly.  It is not easy.  There is an elaborate ritual to start the game, which I equate to shuffling cards.   I have purchased an inexpensive traveling Mah Jong set for myself so I can practice this.  I have attended 2 classes so far and we haven't even begun to play - we are still working on this process of preparing to play.

There is a national organization for American Mah Jong and they issue a card each year showing the winning hands authorized for the year.  I understand that about 40% of the hands change each year.  There are 52 hands shown on this year's card and each one has variations within it.  Learning these is going to be a challenge.  It is an interesting game though, and I have already been invited to play with 2 different groups.   I will have to practice a bit on my own before I play with anyone else though.  Otherwise I would slow down the game as I have to think about every move, and that would surely annoy experienced players.

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