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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday and it is now 73 degrees F outside.  We have had the heater going on the pool for the past few days and today the air temperature should be high enough this afternoon to make a dip in the pool comfortable.  We just uncovered it so the filter has a chance to skim the little bit of dirt that has accumulated off the top.  We have a pool maintenance guy come in every week so the water is crystal clear, it only has a little dirt from the cover.  Of course, there are over 60 community pools scattered throughout the Villages and we could go to one of them any time, but it's nice to have one in our back yard.  I don't know if any of the community pools are heated and I like warm water so I can swim year-round.  Last year we did swim daily all through the winter, but since we were away Jan-Mar, the heater has been turned off and it needed a chance to catch up.

We woke up early this morning and decided to go to the 7am mass at St Timothy's Catholic Church.  Last year we went to a later mass that was overflowing so we thought we'd try the early one this year.   It is always amazing to me how full this huge church gets on a regular Sunday, but today all the CAPE (Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Passion Sunday & Easter) Christians show up so it was standing room only.  We got there a half hour early and got some of the last available seats.  Normally this church has 6 masses each weekend, 2 on Saturday night, 3 on Sunday morning and one Sunday evening, and they are all pretty full.  During the winter another one is added at 12:45PM on Sundays to accommodate the extra "Snowbirds." However, this weekend the schedule was expanded to 7 masses on Sunday, with an overflow mass in the church hall chapel starting 10 minuted after each regular mass in the church.   Many residents have family visiting for Easter, so they need to be accommodated as well.   All the masses were full!   There is also another Catholic Church on the other side of the Villages and many other large churches in the area serving people of other faiths and I am sure they were full as well.

 It is nice to live in a faith-based community.  It shows in how people interact with each other.  Everywhere I have gone in this area, I have met with the friendliest people I have ever found.  People greet you with a smile, are usually patient and polite, and willing to help each other.  They expect you to do the same and that expectation encourages newcomers to be just as friendly.  The golden rule is alive and well in the Villages.

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