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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Water Management

One thing we learned quickly upon moving here is that water usage is always an issue in Florida.   I believe one problem is that the ground doesn't hold it well.   On the cruise we just returned from, one of the speakers talked a lot about how water rights are a significant political issue as well.  I came home even more aware of how critical an issue this is.   In the United States, we use 570 liters (150 gallons) of water per day, while the average consumption in the world is only 100 liters per person per day.   We have a responsibility to be more aware of our water usage and cut back where we can.  So, the notice I found in my email last week announcing a seminar on irrigation system management was well timed.

All the homes in the Villages have lawn irrigation systems installed, but people moving in from other areas of the country may not be familiar with how to use these systems or how much water the landscape actually needs.   This was a great, one-hour talk by a master gardener from Florida-Friendly Landscape.  He explained how to set the irrigation system, how frequently you should water and for how long.   The system should deliver 1/2" to 3/4" of water each run time.  Watering should only be once a week in Spring, Summer, and Fall and every other week December-February.  He explained how to measure how much water your lawn is getting and how to check and clean the sprinklers.   He also gave several web sites that provide more information.

This presentation was part of a regular series of talks called Twice on Tuesday, held the last Tuesday of each month.  The same presentation is done at 2 locations,  in a rec center on the north end of the Villages in the morning and at a rec center further south in the afternoon.   It is just one example of the great programs available to residents of the Villages.

By the way, we have been making adjustments to our irrigation system since we moved here.  I am happy to report that our water usage is now half of what it was when we moved in.

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