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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Neighborhood Ladies

One of the things I like about the Villages is how friendly most of the people are.  Our next door neighbors, a wonderful British couple in their 80's, were quick to introduce themselves and have proved to be excellent neighbors.  They have lived here since the neighborhood was first built, know most of the people on the block, and keep a good watchful eye on everything that goes on in the neighborhood.   We live on a long street that cuts through the center of the Village of Santo Domingo, Madero Drive.  Very soon after we moved in,  I was invited to join the "Madero Ladies" bi-monthly luncheon.  The ladies on the block get together every other month and go to lunch together, visiting a different restaurant each  time.  It has been a great opportunity for me to meet our neighbors.  

So far I have been able to make 4 of the past 6 luncheons.  Usually they are on a Friday, but this month it was held yesterday (Saturday) because it was the only time they could get a reservation at the chosen restaurant.  This month's choice was the Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club.   There are about 30 Executive golf courses and 10 Championship golf courses in the Villages, complete with country clubs.  Several of these were designed by famous golfers, such as Nancy Lopez, and bear their names.  I had heard good things about this restaurant, and I was not disappointed.  The food was good and the service was excellent.

About 20 women usually attend these luncheons.  Each time I have been able to sit with different ladies, so I am slowly getting to know a few of the women.  Only talking to them once every other month doesn't make it easy to remember everyone's name, but maybe after I've lived here for a few years I'll get better.

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