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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rainy Days & Mondays

The last few days have been overcast, with a few good storms rolling through.  There was even a tornado watch Monday afternoon, but it didn't materialize.   It seemed like a good time to clean the house, bake cookies, and decorate the Christmas tree.  There are lots of things going on around here, but sometimes I just don't feel like going out.   Since we haven't joined too many of the clubs here yet, there is no pressure to go anywhere. 

We are having a golf cart garage added to the front of our house, so we can't put Christmas lights outside.  I draped a few plastic garlands over the palms in front of the house, away from the construction and Ray put red and green bulbs in the garage and porch lights, but that will be it for this year.  Some of the houses on our street are decorated to the hilt.  The newspaper printed a map of where houses are located that would like to show off their efforts, so we are planning a few drives around the Villages to see the lights.  We'll probably do it over several nights, taking it a section at a time.  There is so much to see.

The newspapers are full of holiday concerts, cookie exchanges, and charitable giving efforts going on around us.  It's not only the churches who are sponsoring these, but many of the clubs are doing something as well.  The bicycle club collected new and gently used bicycles to give to area children.  At least one of the craft groups sewed stuffed toys for children in the hospital. We dropped off our gifts for needy children at the church on Sunday.   On Monday we went looking at some chairs for our living room and found the store is offering a $200 discount if you donate $50 to the Children's Hospital in St Petersburg. It is so nice to see so many people getting into the spirit of giving.

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